What customers have said:

I brought 2 of these lovely candles from the Christmas Market at Scone Palace (Christmas Spice and Bergamot and Oud). The smells are amazing, they have burnt so evenly and they have  lasted well beyond what was expected!

Linda Everson - Jan 22

Amazing candles, smell fantastic!!!!

Kerry Watson - Dec 21

Candle nancy.jpg

I got my candle as a gift for my mum. Loving the smell ....

Nancy Elliot - July 21

I purchased a couple of candles recently - Bergamot and Oud plus Rose and Rhubarb - and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pash Candles - they smell amazing and burn well. Bergamot and Oud was an unknown combination to me before smelling it but will definitely be buying another, thanks for creating such lovely scents!

Ang Laurie - July 21

I can not say enough to give you a good idea of the delightful fragrances from these lovely candles. I have done the smell test of the full range and was delighted with all of them. Much more fragrance than I have found with other candles.

I have purchased quite a few and they are as strong when burning as they are with the first sniff.

Saying that, they are not overwhelming just fill the room with lovelyness. (Not technical but true).

The Lavender and Baby Powder reminds me when we used baby powder on babies and there is no more of a wonderful smell.

Pineapple and Mango wow it is amazing. I could go through the whole list but suffice to say I would highly recommend giving these a try.

Carol Gow - July 21

I bought one of these candles at the Summer Market Fair in Kinross on Saturday. It's bergamot and oud, and smells amazing! I've only burnt it once in order to melt the whole top side to side, but the scent was strong and it melted well. I'll report back after a few more burnings. There was a lot of choice of scents, some very unusual ones too. I'm sure I'll be back for more!

Helen Margaret McInnes - July 21

Excellent range of choice and scents something to suit everyone. Fantastic personal prompt service from Phil.

Alison Cameron - June 2021

I have used Yankee candle and others for years and this is JUST AS GOOD. You can smell the fragrance before you even light it and there are plenty of hours of gorgeousness wafting through the house. Love it and I shall be buying more - especially as gifts because they are pretty special.

Dani Paul - June 2021

"Lovely candles with a good fragrance throw. Arrived 2 days after ordering. Would definitely recommend to friends".

Anne Manning - April 2021

Pash candles are really good they last a long time and smell amazing.

Callum Walker - April 2021

Lovely scents and good to know that they are soy wax.

Mhairi Farquhar - May 2021

"Excellent quality and gorgeous fragrances. Can't wait th try out some more".


"26/3 new favourite, Grapefruit and Lavender is amazing! Light, fresh but also very relaxing. A real winner!!!.

Lucy McLuckie - April 2021

"Prompt delivery. Superb aroma. Will definitely be ordering more.".

Christine Talbot - April 2021

"Enjoying the range of fragrances from PASH Candles and like that they burn evenly and last well. Looking forward to trying some others soon. Love the Lemongrass and Coconut one!".

Morven Campbell - April 2021

"Lemongrass and Coconut is absolutely lovely, gives me fond memories of being abroad! I do buy a lot of candles and would say it's the best I've bought and the safest.".

Liz Smith - April 2021

Loved the Bergamot and Oud and the grapefruit and Lavender. Will definitely be trying others in the range in the future.

Helen Gillespie - April 2021

"Amazing candles with lovely fragrances.".

Nicola Mary - April 2021

The Lemongrass and Coconut PASH candle smells fab and burns nice and slow and right to the edges. Super. Looking forward to trying out the Summer Breeze next. Would definitely recommend.

Lana Morrison - April 2021

"Lovely candles. Very good burn time. Really nice fragrances. Would highly recommend.".

Margaret Bagge - March 2021

"These are BRILLIANT for eliminating odours around the house. Especially cooking smells that linger. I have the apple candy and fresh linen and it smells divine without being overpowering. They also seem to burn forever! Highly recommend".

Kara Johnstone - March 2021

"Lemon, Lime and Orange smells amazing! Such a clean burn, my room smells so fresh. Highly recommend, great selection to choose from>".

Tricia Welsh - April 2021

Tricia Welsh review pic.PNG

"Each candle has a very unique smell, some of the mixtures of scents I would never have put together but they all work really well together, a lot of time and effort has gone into perfecting this. I am burning summer breeze just now and it gives off a lovely smell and I love the metal tin that it comes in. I will definitely be buying more candles".

Emily Louise Shepherd - April 2021

Emily review pic.PNG

"Lovely fresh scents and good quality burning candles. Definitely will use again.".

Helen Aitchison - April 2021

"What a fantastic range of scents of candles. Very good quality at a good price. Highly recommend!".

Nat Mc-Tock - March 2021

"Delicious aromas around my house from these gorgeous candles from PASH. Definitely be buying more. Excellent friendly service. Thank you.".

Sarah Hearns - March 2021