A graceful fragrance with the soft, smooth and floral scent of the lavender working beautifully with the classic baby powder smell that we all love.  Suggests serenity and calmness and being at ease with oneself.

Lavender and Baby Powder

  • In order for your PASH candles to burn effectively later on, you should ensure that the first burn is for 3-4 hours in order to give you an even melt pool which gets as close to possible to the edges of the tin.

    The wick should always be trimmed prior to use and should be upright and above the wax (approximately 4-6mm)

    Prior to subsequent burns, you should trim the wick to about 4-6mm. This will avoid smoking and damage to the tin. Recommendations suggest that 2 hour burns afterwards are the most effective way of getting the best scent throws and avoid overheating.

    Safety instructions are on the underside of each tin. It is recommended that these are read carefully prior to use.

    With careful use, PASH candles should burn for between approximately 20 and 25 hours.