PASH Candles was created in February 2021, but came about as a result of extensive time spent during both lockdowns in 2020 researching candle making, fragrance testing, wicks, waxes, containers and labelling.


I retired in the summer of 2020 from teaching, but very quickly realised that despite all the plans and ideas that I had, there would be plenty of time for me to investigate hobbies and past times. I had always enjoyed candles and their fragrances, particularly during busy evenings spent in front of a laptop or planning. During these busy and often, stressful periods, I found that a good candle often allowed me to relax and subsequently become more effective.


As a family, we continued using candles during the lockdown months, but often felt that the fragrance did not always last or was not a particularly strong throw, or was just simply too expensive.


Initially, I created PASH candles to allow friends and family the chance to have some input into candles given to them as presents, but soon found that I was being asked to make quite a few and that the feedback was very good.


I feel that the time spent over these months, in researching the fragrances, and all the other associated requirements has given me a good feel for the market and what colleagues and the wider public would like in a scented candle. I have been ably assisted by my friends Vicki and Kara from the teaching profession, who have been very honest in their assistance with testing the fragrances, and ultimately guiding me towards the collection that is now coming to fruition.


I felt that using Soy wax was by far the safest way to go, but also felt that I should ensure that the strength of the fragrance should be strong enough that the candles would give a good strong throw prior to and during use. A great scented candle should transform a room into calm and relaxing space.


With the PASH candle collection, I have created a range of scents that will appeal to many.


Philip Shore

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Do you provide International delivery?


No, I am currently not delivering my products overseas.



How do I return an item?


If you need to return an item, then you should contact me direct and I will arrange to send you the link to the Hermes site where you will be able to either print a Hermes return label or go direct to a Hermes drop off point, where they will print and fix your return label on, on site.



What is your returns policy?


If the item is damaged in transit, you should contact me direct and I will arrange for a replacement item after contacting Hermes initially to ascertain how it happened.

How do I track my order?


I will send you the tracking code for the parcel and then you will be able to track it's progress on line.



How can I contact your couriers?


The contact details for Hermes are: https://myhermes.co.uk 



What are your delivery options?


Delivery options are as follows: 

The candles are packaged and sent through the Courier "Hermes" - delivery within the UK is 2-3 days at the standard cost

Next day delivery is generally available, but at a slightly increased premium.